Boucheron 3.3oz Women's Perfume

A classic floral-oriental fragrance, the Boucheron perfume by Boucheron is a brilliant fusion of citrusy, floral and spicy notes creating a beautiful and unforgettable aromatic blend. Altogether, this Boucheron womens fragrance has a very elegant and sensual aroma, which is suitable for evening use. Refreshing orange blossom, mandarin, lemon, apricot, tangerine, cassia, basil and bergamot combine to form the captivating introduction of this evening perfume. The heart of this Boucheron womens fragrance encompasses extremely feminine, floral notes of jasmine, tuberose, Madagascar Ylang-Ylang, Orris Root, Lydia Broom, lily-of-the-valley apart from few others. The base of this evening perfume is really enticing with woody notes, oakmoss, ambergris, musk, Tonka Bean and Indian Vanilla. The gorgeous ring shaped bottle further adds to the beauty and appeal of the Boucheron perfume.



Size 3.3 oz
Gender Women
Aromas Bitter Orange
Fragrance Type Perfume
UPC 3577580000036
Fragrance Name Boucheron
Brand Boucheron
About The Brand Boucheron is a family dynasty that survived several wars as it was founded back in 1858 by the French jeweler Frédéric Boucheron. Famous for its exquisite jewelry and watches, in 1988 the company enters into the world of fragrances with its iconic sophisticated perfumes. Nowadays, Boucheron has shops located all over the world and its luxurious and timeless products are chosen by many people who live in style.

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