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PC Sound Card Buying Guide

Sound cards are computer components that allow a computer to play sounds other than mundane beeps. Some models also allow for recording audio from external devices like video game systems.

Graphics Card Buying Guide

Graphics cards are an integral part of every personal computer. They are the third most necessary piece of hardware after your motherboard and computer processing unit (CPU). A graphics card is responsible for everything you see on your monitor...

PC Motherboard Buying Guide

At the very heart of your computer is the motherboard. It is the single most important part of your PC and without one your system is little more than an over sized paperweight. A motherboard's job is making every other piece of hardware work.

PC Processor Buying Guide

When you are upgrading or building a personal computer the processor (also known as the central processing unit or CPU) is one of the most important piece of hardware you should consider. As the motherboard is the heart of a computer, the CPU is the...

PC Cooling System Buying Guide

Having a cooling system for your computer is one of the most important aspects to consider for your build. Without a cooling system, the hardware inside of your tower is at a high risk of malfunctioning. To keep your parts safe and your computer...

PC Power Supply Buying Guide

Modern personal computers utilize direct current to power their internal components. Power supplied from the mains is often alternating current. A power supply unit is used to convert alternating current to direct current thus making the power suitable...

Gaming PC Graphic Card Buying Guide

The graphics card, or video card, is one of the most important aspects of your gaming computer's setup. In most games, it will be the botteneck for performance, and a good GPU can completely change your experience. They are also critical for some other...

Gaming PC Processor Buying Guide

The processor, central processing unit, or CPU is the core of any computer and handles most of the load of the necessary calculations that lie under the hood of PC gaming. Along with the graphics card, or GPU, the CPU has a major effect on the...

Gaming PC Motherboard Buying Guide

The motherboard is a key supporting element in your gaming rig. The other elements all fit into the motherboard, so your motherboard, or mobo, needs to be compatible with the other pieces, like the CPU and GPU. The motherboard also plays an important...

PC Liquid Cooling System Buying Guide

Liquid cooling systems are hands down the most effective way to keep the temperature inside of your personal computer at optimal levels for your hardware. These types of systems, as the name suggests, use water or special oil to absorb the heat...

Gaming PC Power Supply Buying Guide

The power supply is an accessory component of any serious gaming rig. It is one of the more underappreciated components, because it does not have a direct analogue in consumer-grade PCs, so fewer people are familiar with it than with the CPU or GPU,...

Display Input Adapters Buying Guide

You may have a favorite old TV that's too good to let go but your new, modern cable box just can't connect to it. If that's not the case, you may have an old video game console that has all of your favorite games but, unfortunately, it won't connect to...

Surround Sound PC Sound Card Buying Guide

A sound card is the part of your PC that is responsible for turning a game, song, or movie's audio code into a signal that a speaker can use. There are different surround sound cards depending on what kind of audio you want to listen to, so read this...