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Blu-ray and DVD Player Buying Guide

Having a Blu-Ray or DVD player in your home lets you watch your favorite television show box sets and movies anytime you want. Many film studios now limit the special features found on DVDs and put more of those features on Blu-Ray discs, which is why...

Universal Remote Control Buying Guide

If you are always searching to find the one remote control that you need among the pile of controllers, one new universal remote control might be the solution to your clutter problem. Depending on which one you choose, a universal remote control can...

TV Accessories Buying Guide

Universal Remote Control - With multiple boxes, devices, and every other thing under the sun that is currently available for television sets these days, the current strategy for remote controls is that you need to have roughly one for every...

Television Buying Guide

With all of the confusing acronyms, buying a new television can be a confusing experience. There are several new types of televisions and many different features to consider. When buying a television, you will need to consider the type, size, features,...

TV Receiver and DVR Buying Guide

When you sign up for television service through a satellite provider like Direct TV or DISH Network, you have the option of renting or buying equipment from the company. Renting adds more money to your monthly bill, but buying equipment from the...

OTA HD Antenna Buying Guide

With prices of cable television reaching near historic highs, and the cost of cable for most families hitting into the three figure digits per month, cable television is just getting too expensive for some people. When you include the fact that you can...

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

TV wall mounts are one of the best ways for you to set up your TV in a limited space, such as an apartment or bedroom. They are much less bulky than media stands and won't take up space along the floor, making them very efficient. There are quite a few...