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TV Sound Bar Buying Guide

The flat panel televisions of today have beautiful picture displays, but, often, their sound quality is quite poor. There simply isn't room in the flat body of these televisions to add quality sound systems. One solution to this dilemma is to add a...

Record Player Buying Guide

Record players can be a great way to listen to music in a classic format. Whether you want to listen to your parent's old vinyl records or want to DJ at parties, you need a reliable record player. While these music players may be old, many modern...

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Between tablets, computers, music players and smartphones, you can now stream and listen to all your favorite music while away from your home. As those devices may not have the audio clarity that you want or the speaker levels that you need,...

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There's nothing quite like watching a great movie at home with the added touches of surround sound. If you're shopping for the best home surround sound speakers, then take a good look at this convenient buying guide. It will help you to make an...

Studio Quality Microphone Buying Guide

When it comes to looking for Microphones, you certainly have a lot of options. While microphones have only been around for a handful of decades, the fact of the matter is they have come a long way in such a short period of time. And, when you consider...

Public Address Microphone Buying Guide

When speaking in front of more than a few people, you will most likely need a Public Address system to help you be heard by your audience. Considering that, one of the most important parts of that system is the microphone. This guide will try and help...

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There is nothing like having one of the best home surround sound systems right in your favorite room at home. Whether you are casually listening to music, watching a movie, or even adding an additional form of media to your home, you can truly enjoy...

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A surround sound home audio receiver is the core element in the audio portion of your home theater. It takes the signal from the input, such as a DVD player, a smartphone, or anything else that creates an audio track, and transforms it to make it more...