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Networking Cables Buying Guide

Networking cables are hardware that serve the purpose of connecting one device to a large or more complex network comprised of many other similar devices. Networking cables vary in types depending on their intended purpose.

Home Office Router Buying Guide

A critical piece of technology for a home office, the wireless router comes in a wide variety of types. The router is your office??ôs connection to the world, and choosing the right one is of great importance...

Home PC Firewall Buying Guide

When you connect a PC to the internet, there are many potential dangers that can attack your system. Firewalls act like a barrier between your computer and the internet. Firewalls will prevent unauthorized access to you computer, and they will also...

Home Media Streamer Buying Guide

Having a home media streamer attached to your television or computer lets you watch hit movies and television shows without signing up for a cable package. Installing these devices is easy, and once installed, you can download apps that let you watch...

IP Phone Buying Guide

Internet protocol phones are phones that make and receive calls over a service such as broadband instead of the public switch telephone network. They are often preferred by users looking to save money by avoiding long-distance charges. There are...

Wi-Fi Extender Buying Guide

When you have a hard time getting a wireless signal in your home, you might try a Wi-Fi extender instead of running cords all over your house or apartment. A Wi-Fi extender is a simple device that you plug into an outlet. It then detects the signal...

Wired/Wireless Network Bridge Buying Guide

A network bridge is a device that emits electric signals which allow us to access the internet. Through the instrument, you can connect multiple network segments. The types vary by their medium of transmission of data. The two main types of network...

Ethernet over Powerline Adapter Buying Guide

It is a little-known fact that you can actually turn the powerlines of your house or apartment into Ethernet connections. It takes a special kit, but this is a great way to extend your signal around your property. Read on to learn about the best kits...

Wireless Access Point Buying Guide

Wireless access points, also known as WAPs and commonly called routers, are used to help you connect to the Internet without a wire. You are likely connected to one right now with your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Buying a good wireless...