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PC Monitor Cable Buying Guide

A monitor cable is the device you use to connect your PC to a display monitor. When searching for a new monitor cable, it's essential to be absolutely sure that you are getting the right model for the task.

Computer Speakers Buying Guide

Computer speakers can open a whole new world of sound to the computer user. From the basic 2.0 speaker system to the powerful 7.1 system, speakers offer a richer quality of sound.

Surge Suppressor Buying Guide

Surge suppressors, sometimes called surge protectors, protect your electrical devices from surges or spikes in power due to lightning strikes, power outages, cycling of large appliances, and other reasons. By plugging your expensive equipment into a ...

Printer Cartridges and Toner Buying Guide

Whether for a home or business printer, the most common supply you'll have to buy is ink or toner depending on your machine. While there are many differences between these supplies, there are numerous similarities when it comes to finding the right...

Printer Stand Buying Guide

Printer stands can be extremely convenient for nearly any specific situation. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of printer stands, what to pay attention to when shopping for one and the best brands that are on the market. This...

HDMI Cable Buying Guide

HDMI cables are a must-have for any media center because they are used to connect various consoles, video players and streaming devices to your TV. While buying these cables is often easy, there are many factors to consider and numerous cables that can...

Surround Sound Computer Speakers Buying Guide

When basic computer speakers fail to give you the kind of sound you want from your computer, a set of surround sound computer speakers is the way to go. In this guide, we will go over the types of surround sound computer speakers out there and things...

Photo Printer Cartridge and Toner Buying Guide

Having a photo printer at home with cartridges and toners lets you print off all your favorite pictures without taking a trip to the store first. Photo printer cartridges and toners come in different designs to fit printers from the leading...

HDMI to DVI Video Adapter Buying Guide

This standard adapter comes with either rotating or angled connectors. They include couplers and adapters such as HDMI to DVI or HDMI to VGA. Devices that use this type of adapter include DVD players and satellites. They are ideal for televisions that...

Monitor Stand and Wall Mount Buying Guide

Basic Stand - Whether you consider it to be a box like shape, a prop to bring it up to the correct height, or even just a customized shelf for there to be room underneath for the keyboard, the most basic style of monitor stand is simply one where the...

UPS System Buying Guide

While individuals may be comfortable with their current lives, the fact of the matter is accidents happen. Whether it is weather, rewiring, routine maintenance or even an actual accident, there are times when the power can just go completely out...