Baby Cribs Buying Guide

Cribs can be a safe and secure place to put your baby for nap time and night time. Many parents prefer to use other sleep furniture for their little one, include a bedside sleeper, cradle and bassinet. Purchasing a baby crib can save time and money.

Types of Baby Cribs

There are many different types of baby cribs available. Each crib serves a different purpose and is ideal for certain situations.

Economy Baby Cribs

Economy baby cribs are on the less expensive side of the spectrum. These cribs will have more cosmetic flaws than other types available. You may notice many different flaws that include many uneven spots and poorly sanded areas. Although you may purchase this item new, these factors can still remain an issue. Although there are finishing flaws with economy baby cribs, they are still great cribs to purchase if you are on a strict budget, and they are safe.

Mid-Priced Cribs

Mid-priced baby cribs are an upgrade from economy baby cribs. Parents who are looking for a baby crib that is more decorative and sturdy, mid-priced cribs are ideal. These cribs are available in a wide range of wood finishes, including mahogany, natural and golden maple. Mid-priced baby cribs are ideal for babies who weigh at least 10 to 15 pounds, although these cribs can be used by newborns and infants. Mid-priced baby cribs are a popular option with many parents because their child can grow into the crib and they do not have to purchase another crib for a while, if another one needs to be purchased at all. Popular mid-priced cribs include the 3-in-1 converter cribs that can be used as a bassinet, crib, and play yard. These cribs also include 4-in-1 baby cribs. These cribs convert from a love-seat, to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed.

High-End Cribs

High-end baby cribs are generally the most expensive and come with many different features. The mattresses of these cribs are sturdy and of high quality. These cribs can be custom designed and are available in round, oval, square, and other shapes. Although high-end baby cribs have many different features and are available in a wide range of shapes and finishes, surprisingly, these cribs are not as popular with parents. The available shapes of high-end cribs are unique, but finding crib sheets that fit is expensive because it is a specialty and not standard mattress.

Portable Baby Cribs

Portable baby cribs are convenient and perfect for traveling. Popular portable baby cribs include the Pack-and-Play Play Yard. These portable cribs are popular because they offer the necessities a baby needs to sleep comfortably at night and have fun playing during the day. Play Yards are compact and many of them are JPMA-certified. Portable baby cribs can fit in small spaces which makes them ideal for small apartments or areas with limited available space.

Pay Attention to

Drop Sides and Drop Gates

There is a major difference between drop gates and drop sides. You need to avoid buying cribs with drop sides at all costs. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations), state that all portable cribs that feature drop sides should be eliminated. Within the past decade, drop sides have been responsible for more than 30 deaths. Many parents believe they can use a crib they used for their previous child, but do not be tempted do so if the crib has drop sides. A child needs to be placed in a secure and safer environment, such as a crib that features stationary sides. As far as drop gates are concerned, it is a single gate that allows parents to lower part of one side of the crib instead of the entire side, such as with drop sides. Parents can easily get their child in and out of the crib while still keeping their baby safe.

Mattress Height and Support

One thing you need to pay attention to for your baby's comfort and well-being when purchasing a baby crib is the height and support of the mattress. Babies should not be placed in a crib with extra covers, stuffed animals and other similar items. For this reason, you need to ensure your baby's crib mattress is firm and fits the crib correctly. The sides of the mattress should not exceed the length or width of the crib. When your baby is able to lift up on its own, make sure the mattress is in its lowest possible position. As far as mattress support is concerned, the common support for crib mattresses are metal frame suspended stiff springs. Some crib mattresses may feature one board as an entire piece to support the mattress. In any event, the mattress supports are adjustable. If you decide to alter the mattress supports, ensure you you place them securely in place to prevent harm an danger for your baby.

Casters and Wheels

Many baby cribs are available with casters or wheels. Many standard cribs do not feature these items which means you will have to weigh the pros and cons of a standard crib and a portable crib. Standard cribs are large and heavy. Moving a crib from one room to another is going to be a difficult task, but do not let this discourage you from purchasing a standard baby crib you have fallen in love with. Standard baby cribs are ideal for stationary purposes. If you plan on assembling the crib and leaving it in the nursery, you're all set. If you like to change things around often, your ideal baby crib is a portable crib. These cribs are available with wheels so you can easily and effortless make changes and move things around as you see fit.

Teething Rails

Many parents want to know about teething rails. Teething rails are great for little ones who are starting to get their pegs and enjoy chewing on things. When you are purchasing teething rails for your baby's crib, ensure the surface of the rails are smooth. When you apply the rails to the crib, they should remain in place and not crack, chip or break.


Convertibility is a great feature when you want to hit the road or want to change the nursery around. With convertible cribs, you need to ensure you have completed the transformation of one product to the next successfully. Failure to correctly convert a crib can cause it to collapse and harm the baby.

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