Running Sunglasses Buying Guide

When you think about the world of running and everything it entails, most people don't think about some of the accessories that you will need. Yes you need a good pair of running shoes, some spandex, and maybe even some music to listen to. That being said, if you are going to go running on a nice sunny day then you have to be sure you have some of the best running sunglasses around.

Types of Running Sunglasses


Oakley is a high end company that designs high end equipment in the sporting world. While you may not have anything else Oakley, you probably know that they make sunglasses just as well as anyone else. Their high end look and feel means that they spare no expense, and when it comes to precision then there is no equal.


The original athletic running shoe maker has made the jump into all things athletics but has never strayed away from all things running. The Nike brand is one that speaks to the intensity of the competitor and comes in a great many colors, designs, and general looks for the individuals to be able to get the most out of their workout or competition while still being confident in how they look.

New Balance

New Balance is a much smaller scale company when compared to the others, but their focus on performance and actual function means that they put the use of their products ahead of the marketing. If you are comfortable with a no frills and no thrills piece of equipment then New Balance is the one you should be looking to.


Suncloud tries to offer the things that most people don't notice, but once you have tried a Suncloud it is hard to go back. With things such as adjustable frames for a universal fit to rimless designs for additional visibility, Suncloud just tries to be the company that when people discover and try their equipment they will never make the switch away from them.

Under Armour

The kings of the athletic apparel world as of the last decade, Under Armour came onto the scene with one single goal in mind. They wanted to do what everyone else was doing with a stronger focus on performance and make it look good as well. The same general attitude has been applied to their sunglasses because you get a fresh look while also getting what you need with respect to usability.

Pay Attention to


While you may not think that sunglasses are going to be different from company to company or even from pair to pair, you have to remember that the molding of a pair of sunglasses doesn't change. If you have a certain style or shape of your head, then you need to find a pair that actually molds and contours to your head without squeezing, pinching, or even being so loose that they slip off and fall.


While look is very important, you have to also remember what your intended use is for a pair of sunglasses. Just because you are using a pair that looks cool, what happens if you drop them? What if you aren't just running but you are cross training as well? The last thing you want is for them to get scuffed or to snap, so you have to be sure that they actually stand up to the test.


When looking at the lenses you might only think about the design, but functionality is especially important here as well. The whole point of a pair of sunglasses is to filter out the sun, so certain colors, features, and even transitional lenses that adjust as you move could all be important points to consider.


Visibility is the most important thing that you can be concerned with. If you are already running then you need to be sure you can see. While a set of sunglasses with darker lenses might seem instantly like the best option, you have to recall that you need to be able to see where your feet are going to step next. Peripheral vision is also important, as is the narrowness or height of the lenses and the glasses themselves. If you need to be able to see when you move then this could be considered one of the greatest needs for any sunglasses.

Adjustable Features

Considering the potential movement that you will go through during a run, you have to find ways that you can adjust your sunglasses for certain scenarios. Whether you want to tighten the sides to avoid them slipping off of your head from excess rain or sweat, or even things like changing out the lenses for different times of day and different lighting effects, there are many examples of why you would want to make changes to your sunglasses.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Oakley Chainlink

One of the highest rating models currently selling by Oakley not only has a sleek look but brings top levels of function to the equation.

Nike Skylon

This specific version not only gives you all of the benefits that normally come with Nike sunglasses, but it also affords you the ability to swap out lenses for whatever the demands of the given occasion.

New Balance 606

While this model is specifically crafted for women, it not only shows that New Balance is able to compete with the other major sunglasses companies on overall product, but that they are also able to throw in some style and fashion so women will be proud to sport their style.

Under Armour Zone

Not only do these glasses allow a greater peripheral view point, but they also have scratch protection that allows you to be able to run in the woods and not have to worry what branches or brush could potentially do to your specs.

Suncloud Zephyr

A great pair of sunglasses that also comes with a rimless design, these sunglasses can fight the glaring light and also act as prevention against UV rays while you run.