Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Ceiling fans are a practical and beautiful addition to any room in your home or business. A cool breeze from a ceiling fan makes a hot day more comfortable, and in the winter, ceiling fans can help move warm air from the ceiling to the interior of the room. A variety of styles, mechanisms and features allows you to select the ideal ceiling fan to meet your needs.

Types of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have many practical uses in every room of the home and can be used outdoors as well. With unique styles and types, you will find a nearly endless range of choices when shopping for a ceiling fan.

Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor ceiling fans are typically installed in the center of a room, where they can be the most effective at moving air throughout the space. They also have a decorative style that can enhance a home's decor as an accent to the furniture or architecture. Outdoor ceiling fans are a popular choice for porches and patios in warm climates. It is important to select a ceiling fan that is specifically designed for outdoor use if you place the fan in an area where it is exposed to moisture, wind and temperature extremes. Outdoor ceiling fans often have a rustic or tropical look to blend with the outdoors.

Fans with Lighting Kits

Many ceiling fans offer the addition of a lighting kit to provide both airflow and lighting functions from one central unit. You can select from a single lightbulb for a soft glow, or choose a ceiling fan with multiple light bulbs for bright ambient lighting that can serve as a central focus of the room. If the ceiling fan is replacing the ceiling light in the room, choosing a fan with a lighting kit can be a good option.

Remote-Controlled Fans

Remote-controlled ceiling fans allow you to install them in unique areas of the home and have the ability to control them from the comfort of your bed or chair. Many types of ceiling fans require a wall switch or pull chain to operate them, but remote-controlled fans simplify operations with a single click. Some new models of fans can also be programmed and controlled with a smartphone, which can allow you to change the settings on your ceiling fan even when you are away from home.

Pay attention to

Flush or hugger mount

Ceiling fans require space for the blades to safely move; it is important for the fan blades to be located no lower than seven feet above the floor. In a room with low ceilings, a flush mount or hugger-style ceiling fan attaches close to the ceiling to keep the fan blades safely out of reach. When the blades are close to the ceiling, the fan can also efficiently move warm air into the lower portions of the room.

Reversible direction

By reversing the direction the fan blades turn, you can increase the functionality of your ceiling fan. In the summer, running the fan in a counterclockwise direction will blow cool air down. In the winter, running the fan in a clockwise direction will disperse the air throughout the room without blowing directly on you. Ceiling fans that offer this feature generally have a small switch to change the direction of the fan.


The size of your ceiling fan should be in proportion to the size of the room it is located in. For a very large room, more than one ceiling fan may be required. The length of the fan's blades will determine the amount of air it is able to move, and the manufacturer's specifications will help you to determine the size of ceiling fan you need.


Traditional ceiling fans are generally decorative, and they include wooden fan blades with ornate metal detailing. However, contemporary ceiling fans have a sleek, streamlined look and often include stainless steel detailing and a unique color palette. With a variety of designs, you can easily choose the look that enhances your home's decor.


A ceiling fan that offers quiet operation is generally preferred by most homeowners. A large, high-speed fan can be quite noisy, so shopping for a fan that boasts quiet operation will help keep the humming sound of the ceiling fan to a minimum. It is especially important to select a quiet fan for the bedroom or in other areas of the home where noise is not welcome.

Top Brands and Product Lines


This ceiling fan manufacturer offers traditional and contemporary ceiling fans in a wide variety of styles. Many of their ceiling fans include lighting kits, and they include features such as quick installation, quiet operation and remote controls.

Kichler Lighting

With many different contemporary styles of ceiling fans, Kichler Lighting offers unique styles for the modern home. With additional traditional and transitional choices, you'll be certain to find a ceiling fan that makes a statement. Energy-efficient ceiling fans are among the options as well.

Casablanca Fan Company

This manufacturer sells high-end ceiling fans with unique modern styles. Many remote-controlled and outdoor ceiling fan options are available, and stylish collections include beach house, artisan and industrial designs.

Monte Carlo Fan Company

As a manufacturer of ceiling fans, the Monte Carlo Fan Company focuses on innovative designs and clean lines. A collection of period fans allows you to choose ceiling fans that will match the decor of your home's architecture. They also offer several miniature fans for very small spaces in the home.