Men's Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Knowing which electric shaver to buy may seem like it will be a simple choice, but with all of the different shavers on the market today it's not as easy as it seems. Knowing more about the different shavers can be helpful in deciding which one to buy.

Types of Men's Electric Shavers

A rotary type of electric shaver has three disks with openings in them that spin or rotate. As the shaver is moved along your face, the hair will slip into the openings and are then cut off. When using it, you should move the shaver in a circular motion. This will help you easily move over some of the more difficult areas, such as the jawline and chin. This type of shaver works well with hair that is a little longer, so it works great for those that prefer not to shave everyday. A rotary electric shaver is also better for those that have thicker or more coarse facial hair or hair that grows in different directions. The shave is not quite as close to the face though.

A foil electric shaver has a thin layer of metal that looks like foil over the blades. This allows it to give a gentle shave and is protection for the skin. When the shaver is moved over your face, it will capture the hair in the foil and the blades below will cut the hair. The foil shaver is able to give a closer shave than a rotary shaver does. This shaver will also allow you to shave a defined straight edge when you are shaving around your sideburns. The foil shaver works great for those that shave everyday and would like to have a close, clean shave. It also works better for those that have straight, fine facial hair.

Pay Attention to

How it is powered

When you are looking for electric shavers, there are corded, battery powered, and plug in shavers. Plug in shavers will not stay plugged in while you are using them, but they are charged when they are plugged in and then unplugged for use. With the plug-in type, you will want to ensure the battery is charged enough to shave your entire face. You wouldn't want to get half way done shaving, when the shaver dies. With the battery shavers, you will not charge them, but you will need to change the batteries when they run low. This type is probably better to use for travel rather than everyday use. With corded shavers, they need to be plugged in while you are using them. You do not have to worry about them being charged or the battery needing to be replaced. They are always ready to use as long as you have a plug-in.

How easy are they to clean

Ensuring that your shaver is clean is extremely important. This is even more true for those that have sensitive skin. Using a shaver that is not clean can lead to an infection. The way that the shaver is cleaned will depend on each shaver, but for the most part, foil shavers are easier to clean then rotary shavers are. Some shavers are designed with a cleaning station, so they will clean themselves in between uses.

How mobile are they

All shavers can be taken with you where you need to go, but the question is how easily can they be used when you take them. With a corded shaver, you need to have a plug-in in order to use it. If you are taking it with you camping and you have no electricity, a corded shaver will not work. Even when you are shaving at home, the cord of the shaver may tend to get in the way. With a plug-in shaver, you can bring it with you and as long as it has a full charge, you can use it wherever you are. A battery operated shaver is perfect for traveling. But if you use it for everyday, it can be a bit more expensive to use when you need to consistently replace the batteries.

How easy is it to find replacement blades

Just like the blades of a razor need to be replaced, the foil and blades or rotary heads of a shaver should be replaced as well. Determine whether or not a replacement set comes with the shaver you are looking to buy. You will also want to know how easy it is to buy replacements in the future.

How does the shaver feel in your hand

When you are using your shaver, it is important that it feels right in your hand. You may not be able to give yourself the best possible shave if the shaver feels awkward in your hand.

How often do you like to shave

If you prefer to shave everyday, then you may want to consider buying a foil shaver. But if you like to go a day or two without having to shave, then the rotary shaver may be for you.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Braun Series 9-9095cc

High quality foil electric shaver.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Most complete and comfortable shave.

Philips Norelco 9700

Fastest comfortable shave.