Baby Strollers Buying Guide

If you do not want to always carry your baby, a baby stroller is an essential part of your daily life as a parent. There are many different types of strollers to consider, from the basic stroller to the multiple. Features to keep in mind include maneuverability and wheel size, but there is much more to learn about baby strollers. Read on to learn about the different types of baby strollers, the features that are most important, and the top brands in the market.

Types of Baby Strollers


The traditional style of baby stroller, standard strollers offer a car seat adaptor, big wheels, and lots of storage. A small number of these strollers offer a fully-reclined seat of less than ten degrees, which works as an alternative to the bassinet, but most have too steep of a recline to work for sleeping. Some more expensive models do include a bassinet for infants, but they are the exception rather than the usual.

Car seat frame

Less common but a great option for the first six to twelve months of a baby's life is the car seat frame stroller. These strollers have a base that you can clip the baby car seat onto, allowing for quick transfer into and out of the car.


Great for travelling, these strollers are sometimes called umbrella strollers because of their small folded size. However, they do not offer a car seat adaptor, so they cannot be used until your baby is six months old. Smaller wheels also make this type of stroller less maneuverable and very difficult to use on all-terrain.


Jogging strollers have large, air-filled tires and shock-absorbers which help them roll smooth while you jog or run. These are the heaviest strollers, weighing more than twenty pounds, but are the only strollers you should ever use when you jog or run.


Multiple strollers have at least two seats side-by-side or in tandem. They work great for multiple children, whether your own twins or your baby and two older siblings. Gratefully, a multiple stroller does not weight a multiple amount. Most are less than forty pounds. If you are expecting twins, remember that car seat frame strollers also come in double, so they may be a better option for the first six to twelve months of your twins' lives.

Pay Attention to


Maneuverability will become harder over time as your baby gets heavier and for every day that you stroll as the wheels wear out. To test a stroller in the store for maneuverability, try filling it with twenty-five pounds of merchandise and attempt to steer it one-handed. This will allow you to feel the not-so-obvious differences in maneuverability among the various strollers and help you determine if you will be able to handle your baby in the stroller.

Wheel size

The biggest feature that impacts usability is the size of the wheels. Bigger wheels make pushing easier and help with all-terrain strolling, but they are also heavier and bulkier, making taking the stroller in the car quite a bit harder than with smaller wheels. Air-filled tires are great for maneuverability and terrain changes, but they can go flat just like your car's tires.

Folding mechanism

While it can be great to be able to fold using just one hand, it is likely that this feature is overworked in the selling market. Higher-end strollers do not have one-handed folding mechanisms, but the folding mechanisms still make folding easy. Try folding the stroller down in less than three minutes. If you cannot do it, you might want to consider a different product as time spent folding the stroller is wasted time that could be spent making sure your baby is comfortable.


Fitting the stroller into a car is the most important storage-related requirement, but how about storing the stroller at home when it is not in use? You certainly do not want the stroller to take up the entire closet or worse yet, not fit in the closet at all. Lightweight or umbrella strollers are easy to store, but you trade out some features that you may want, such as the ability to use the stroller with a baby less than six months old and bigger wheels.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Uppababy draws on ten years of experience in the baby industry to create high-quality, stylish products to help parents with their new babies. The owners rely on real-life experiences to raise the standard of baby products. Their latest line-up of strollers includes the 2015 Cruise stroller, which is a compact stroller and is designed to maneuver through difficult sidewalks and narrow aisles.

Bugaboo International

The first Bugaboo strollers hit the Holland market in 1999. It was introduced to the US market in 2001, and these strollers have become popular to see on international sidewalks and woodsy paths alike. One of the strollers available from Bugaboo is the 2015 Cameleon3 Blend Complete stroller. This is the traditional Bugaboo stroller with a twist. Its tweed has a blue tinsel lining on the inside, a light grey mattress, and a brown faux leather handlebar.


Founded in 1932 in Norway, Stokke is a premium quality brand of baby products. This company emphasizes parent-child interaction in their products, such as the Crusi stroller. This stroller lifts your baby higher than other strollers. It comes with five seating positions, three parent-facing and two forward-facing. It also has roomy storage and very nice suspension.