Car Interior Lighting System Buying Guide

While shopping for car interior lighting system, it is important to choose the best quality and functional lights. It is common to get confused with so many lighting systems to choose from. First, the buyers need to decide whether they want a lighting system to create a subtle ambiance or a bright and bold interior. It is very important to learn more about the state laws before buying car interior lights. Interior vehicle lighting is one of the coolest changes that you can add in your car and make it more functional.

Types of lighting systems

Accent Lighting

The modern accent lights are designed to add functionality and a stylish look to your vehicle. Primarily, this lighting system was introduced to light the foot pathway inside the vehicle. However, the new range of accent lights can be installed to your carís floorboards, glove box and even to the side pockets. The possibilities are close to endless. These lights come in a variety of colors, sizes and powers.

Under-dash interior lighting kit

To add a custom multi-color illumination to your vehicle interior, these lighting kits are highly used. These lighting systems include a variety of lights with many interesting features. Auto illumination features allow these lights to glow in dark and whenever your car doors are open. The lighting kits have a soft illumination perfect for your car interiors. Because these systems can be synced with your carís music system, you will see illuminated lights when the music plays. This stylish lighting system creates a sense of harmony in your vehicleís interior.

Ambient lighting

Stylish ambient lighting can instantly change the look of your carís interior. These versatile lighting can be installed anywhere in your car. Choose the lighting for your door panels, center console, footwell or the sleek roof liner. The new range of ambient lighting comes in a variety of colors. The advanced LED bulbs feature a bright yet homogeneous color to add an amazing effect to your carís interiors. If you want to add a personal touch to your carís interior, choosing the stylish LED ambient lighting is highly recommended.

Points that you should pay attention to


Color is the most important factor when you are choosing a car interior lighting system. Most of the modern interior lights come in solid and neon colors. Check the bulb power and color measurement in Kelvins. The lower the Kelvins, the softer the light is. For car interior lights, you should choose lights with soft and solid colors.


Whether you want a sensor light for your door panels or LED strips for the under-dash, there are plenty of choices of interior lighting options available. Browse through all the categories and choose the one that best suits your choice and interest. LED strips, security lights and custom interior lights with full under-body kits are some of the best choices of car interior lightings. Make sure you know what you need before deciding to buy an interior lighting system.

Low or High Beams

It is advised to choose a medium or low beam lighting system for your carís interiors. Vehicle lights are subject to the rules and regulations of the each stateís transportation department. It is possible that the local and state laws can be drastically different. Before making a decision to purchase a car interior lighting system, check the DOT regulations and laws.


Buyers will be surprised to find a wide choice of colors while browsing through the car interior lighting. You can choose a color to match your vehicleís exterior or interiors or a color that complements your carís interior. Choices of car interior light colors include everything from solid shades to many glowing colors. Take your time and enjoy while choosing the right color for your vehicle.

Top brands of interior lighting

Putco This brand offers a variety of LED lighting styles and functional lighting. Compared to many other standard light varieties, Putco lights offer super brightness. Choices include interior dome lighting kits, which offer 18 times brighter light than regular lights.

Vision The durable interior lighting options from Vision are known for their energy efficient features. Powered by the advanced LED technology, these lighting options consume ten times less power than the regular car interior lightings. Vision X lights also come with a limited warranty of one year.

CIPA These lights feature high diffusion LED technology and offer brilliant brightness and intensity. Choices of CIPA car interior lighting include blue and ultra-white tones. Built-in resistors in these lights protect the LED bulbs from reversed polarity.

Rampage Rampage lighting products include a variety of car interior lighting choices. Swiveling light control, durable battery life, clip and magnet mounts are some of the interesting features of the interior lighting from Rampage.


Colored and bright interior car lights can add a cool look and create a pleasant ambience inside your vehicle. Sellers offer a wide array of choices, style and colors of interior lighting. Buyers can also check online stores to find good deals on car interior light products.