Wired/Wireless Network Bridge Buying Guide

A network bridge is a device that emits electric signals which allow us to access the internet. Through the instrument, you can connect multiple network segments.

Types of network bridges

The types vary by their medium of transmission of data. The two main types of network bridges are;

Wired Network brides

As their name states (wired), this is devices which supply data using fiber cables. Several wired networks use Ethernet cables to distribute data to PCs. When the connection is just to supply a few PCs, a single router could be enough to provide data. When the service is over a larger network of computers, a connection consisting of multiple routers or switches connected is used. You then introduce a cable modem or any other type of internet source to the grid to provide data. It is hard to install since there needs to be an expert to form the network.

Their advantage over other routers is that they can offer greater speeds of data transmission. The types of wired networks include Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, and the Metropolitan Area Network. Their other advantage is that they are secure and cannot be intercepted by unwanted parties. The network bridge is mostly just limited to PCs. Also, wired networks can connect the devices to the grid. For example, you can transfer softcopy data from one PC to another using Ethernet cables.

Wired connections offer better quality service since they are even less prone to interference. They are also the best for voice communications that use PSTN. The bridges are also cheaper than wired networks.

Wireless network

These network bridges use infrared or radio waves to share data to several devices. They are the most popular in the market. Examples of wireless devices are, pocket size PCs, mobile terminals, laptops, wireless sensors, and others. These gadgets have a significant advantage since they have an increased data transmission speed.

Since technology has continued advancing, other short-range wireless networks have come up such as Bluetooth, Hiperlan, and infrared transmission. Another advantage about them is that they are easy to install. The wireless network bridges have better mobility than the wired one.

There are also different types of network bridging technologies;

Simple Bridging

It is when a network bridge connects two segments. It operates transparently and only forwards packets of data that the bridge requires.

Multiport Bridging

It is a connection of many networks and also works seamlessly. This technology gives rise to the need for switches.

Transparent Bridging

It uses a forwarding program and has an advantage since it can be used to supply data to devices with more than two ports.

Source route bridging

It uses on local area networks (LAN). It is easy to operate the bridge because it requires no actual protocol. The system mostly does the necessary functions. It is a merge of both source routing and transparent bridging.

Pay attention to the following variations and considerations when buying a network bridge

There is much growth in technology today. Network bridges, therefore, have different types of features. When you are about to buy one, you should ensure that you attain sufficient knowledge about them to make the best decision when purchasing one. The following are some points which could help you go about buying the right network bridge for you;

Consider a cost friendly bridge

It is important to frisk the markets to identify devices which fall within your budget. It is the first step since you want to make the best out of what you are planning to invest.

Assess the features of the bridges in your budget

Ensure you get the one with most advantages. Networks bridges vary by specifications such as speed and range while transmitting data. Also, ensure your bridge has suitable dual brand connectivity; Single-band routers operate on up to 5GHz band while dual-band routers operate on more.

Determine the maintenance of the network

The network bridges have a subscription which you pay for at different intervals of time. Investigate the bridges and ensure you get a pocket-friendly one.

Get reviews from customers over the various devices

It helps you identify the ones complained about and the ones that are rated the best. You also get to evaluate which ones are durable and have a long life since customers complain when they buy a product which does not last long.

Pick a router that will suit its to-be avenue

If you need a router for a large business then definitely you require a wired network bridge and if you need a router for you home a wireless one is more suitable. Also, both are still appropriate in medium size enterprises.

Ensure the router has good connectivity suitable for environment to function in

Wired network bridges only serve the devices they are connected to while wireless networks can easily give access to the internet enabled gadgets. Consider your location and if there will be physical movements when receiving data to get a convenient bridge.

Top Brands and Products lines

Several companies are coming up in the market; therefore, there are many network bridges. Due to the difference in features, some are found to be better than others. Below is a list of five products and brands which are durable and ranked best in the market.

Synology RT1900ac

It delivers excellent Wi-Fi, and its main advantage is that it can work as a NAS server when hosting an external hard drive.

The Asus RT-AC88U router

The router is known to be fast, and has eight Gigabit LAN ports, and it is also easy to use.

The Linksys WRT1900ACS

Its main advantage is that it offers long range Wi-Fi and also has an external storage.

Apple AirPort router

Its main advantage is that it supports 8011ac Wi-Fi and has an excellent performance.

Nighthawk X4S AC2600 router

It is fast and can serve a large home or house.