UPS System Buying Guide

While individuals may be comfortable with their current lives, the fact of the matter is accidents happen. Whether it is weather, rewiring, routine maintenance or even an actual accident, there are times when the power can just go completely out. If you happen to depend upon electricity either in your home or for your business and you don't have an undetermined time to sit around and wait for it to come back on, you may want to look into what an uninterruptible power supply (or a UPS) system can do for you.

Types of UPS Systems

Offline Standby

An offline standby UPS is one of the basic systems because it is a generic surge protector combined with a battery backup. Not only will your equipment be protected from electrical surges, but the power is available for a short period of time to continue running any electronics plugged into the UPS.

Line Interactive

While a line interactive UPS system is similar to the offline standby system, it adds a auto transformer which can add or subtract coils and in the process can decrease or increase the magnetic field and voltage. The benefit is the ability to tolerate brownouts or power surges that continue to occur without draining the energy from the battery pack itself.

Online / Double Conversion UPS System

This type of UPS is best suited in environments where power fluctuations can be harmful and possibly even damaging. The reason is the batteries are always connected to the inverter, so if any power is lost from the outside the batteries are instantly drawn from. When power is restored the batteries are instantly able to start recharging, and the full automatic system means a longer life for the UPS unit.

Hybrid Topology

The Hybrid UPS is a double conversion system that works on command. Basically the system acts and operates like an offline standby system for normal working conditions. However, the key difference is that when power conditions start to fluctuate, the hybrid system switches to the online / double conversion system to adjust voltage without needing to use battery life.


The rotary UPS is built to use the energy created by a massive spinning flywheel in order to provide a short term of energy when power is lost. It continues to spin during normal circumstances, and is only used for energy purposes for a few seconds (and oftentimes not more than half of a minute). When the wheel stops, the system is without power, so it is only used where small and short breaks in power occur.


While acting like a standby UPS, the Ferro-Resonant model is designed to hold energy just long enough to cover the time from switching from the inline power to the battery power pack. It eliminates transferring time and acts as a temporary bridge.

DC Power

The DC Power system is similar to the online UPS, however it does not rely on having an output inverter to run. In addition, because the steps of conversion are eliminated, the run time and response time are both significantly increased as a result of the setup.

Pay Attention to

Voltage Spike

If you are expecting (or not expecting) any sort of voltage spikes, then you have to consider the response time. Obviously the quality of equipment you are using has to be considered as a voltage spike could not only fry the system, but it could damage anything else with respect to components being worked on or any additional plug ins to the system as well. This could be important to protect high end systems and equipment.

Momentary / Sustained Reduction in Input Voltage

Like a voltage spike, there are cases when electricity could diminish but not fully go out. For significant tools or systems this could present significant danger and could wind up harming the system either when the initial brown out and slow down occurs, or in the immediate recharging when a surge of energy comes through and pushes the energy back to normal speeds. Pay attention to this specific scenario if you experience brown outs, or could have machinery and tooling that relies on a constant stream of energy.

Noise Injection

When multiple electrical systems are close to one another, one can inject noise into the line. If you aren't separating systems and lines entirely then having a UPS system in place could help to wall off the noise and allow for optimal usage instead of being bogged down.

Instability of Mains Frequency

Just having a generally unstable piece of equipment can occur, and can cause significant damage if left unchecked. By having the entire line cut off from the source then you can prevent property damage to the rest of your equipment, lines, and systems in general.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, APC is a manufacturer of electronics, general data products, and uninterruptible power supply systems. Founded in 1981, the engineering background of APC is now owned and operated by Schneider Electric where they have a significant focus on electrical equipment as well as devices that manage power.

Tripp Lite

An American manufacturer of computer systems and hardware, Tripp Lite has become synonymous with surge protectors, batteries, cables, and supplementary power equipment. Tripp lite makes power management components and systems for both personal and commercial use and in recent times they have won significant awards as an organization for their products as well as their service. As an ISO 9001 organization, Tripp Lite is a reliable company with significant sales around the world.

Cyber Power

Custom Built Systems is what Cyber Power specializes in. And, while they are not a specialist of any given item, when it comes to creating and customizing top quality electronics components, Cyber Power is able to create solutions by utilizing their vast reach and relationships with suppliers across the entire industry for finished optimal products.