Monitor Stand and Wall Mount Buying Guide

Types of Monitor Stand and Wall Mounts

Basic Stand

Whether you consider it to be a box like shape, a prop to bring it up to the correct height, or even just a customized shelf for there to be room underneath for the keyboard, the most basic style of monitor stand is simply one where the monitor itself can rest. This style is preferred to be used at a basic desk or to at least get the monitor off of the ground.

Multiple Display

When you have split screens and multiple screens for major computing or viewing, then the last thing you want to do is be stuck with separate monitor stands. They are too clunky and too hard to fit everything together. With a multiple display you can attached multiple monitors to the same base stand by using additional "arms."

Swivel Arm

For certain individuals who have general movement involved in their job, the swivel technology allows a light and preferably a touchscreen monitor to be placed on the end of the swivel arm. The flexibility provided means you can literally move the screen to be viewed from different directions and angles.

Basic Wall Mount

In case you want to mount a large monitor directly onto a wall, then by using the brackets of a basic wall mount you can easily secure your monitor to the studs and have a sturdy connection. The key is to verify the screws have gone into a proper anchor spot, but once that has happened you have a true mount that can support a significant amount of weight and almost anything you could dream of putting up on the wall.

Pole Mount

While more of a simple "pole in the ground" idea, the design allows a monitor to be placed nearly anywhere so long as it is anchored in the ground. This design is perfect for anything involving needing to be located in a station, and it also means you don't need to have large furniture or walls in order to mount a monitor. This style can also be ideal for presentations.

Pay Attention to

Are you on the move in your role?

When you think about many professionals who have to move about while using technology, they need to think about what would make the most sense. Having a flexible arm or even the ability to set up a quick monitor on a pole could be more beneficial than having a permanently fixed wall mount. However, with a permanent wall mount you could also set up your monitor and have it permanently out of the way where you wouldn't need to worry about it.

How big is the screen?

Larger screens typically mean more screws and larger stands are necessary to actually hold and secure the given monitor. If you are dealing with smaller pads and touch monitors then your worries are minimal. However, another thing to note is larger screens can project more information, but also require much space and a stronger anchor to actually hold them in place.

Do you casually browse, or do you perform a lot of work?

Understanding whether or not you will be moving casually from one website to another as a viewer can be big. If you happen to be accessing multiple forms of data and information at a time, if you go back and forth, or if your role and intended use involves you being a multitask professional then perhaps additional screens would be beneficial. In that case, having a multiple display capability on your side could be the key to performing more work and having a better overall experience.

Aesthetic Preference?

Some people may just have a certain look that they want, and do not want anyone else to try and tell them otherwise. While some may want a traditional mount that is fixed and secure, others may be more comfortable with a sleek and modern design that is movable.

What About Touchscreen Capabilities?

If you happen to have a monitor where touchscreen is available, then you need to think about being able to access it. On the other hand, you also don't want others to potentially be able to access it without your permission. Having flexible mounts and stands means you can change the view of the monitor without needing to re-position yourself or others. It also can come in handy when dealing with information that is sensitive or even confidential.

Do You Want to Avoid Clutter?

There are certain circumstances where you may want to create a comfortable and cozy environment. However, when you consider the amount of clutter that can happen in a general space you don't want to be tripping over things. Recall that many monitors need to have bulky stands to house the attached equipment. While you need to have space to store your tower, keyboard, and etc., you also want to make sure you are actually having functionality for a given area and not just accomplishing the task of mounting it in the first place.

Top Brands and Product Lines


An international maker of multiple electronics parts, Atdec has multiple brands and designs that allow for any potential equipment. From ergonomics and fixtures to stands and modules, the amount of other accessories Atdec has created is a tremendous one.


A Vancouver based brand of consumer products and especially electronics, Kanto has been able to create full systems for individuals to fully enjoy their electronics and their entertainment systems as well.


A powerful name in the world of computers, Lenovo has been able to craft customized and quality products for a wide range of circumstances. Lenovo specializes in delivering modern solutions with a look and feel that is sleek and professional.


A tremendous power in the world of electronics, Insignia specializes in everything from computers to stereos and audio systems to general connectivity components. They are able to leverage their general buying power to bring significant components together to turn into finished goods for a wide range of products.