Shooting Glasses Buying Guide

Wearing a pair of shooting glasses when shooting at the gun range or while hunting protects your eyes and allows you to get off a better shot. The coating added to the lenses block any glare that might get in your way. A good pair of shooting glasses will also help protect your eyes from any debris that might irritate your corneas or lodge inside your eyes.

Types of Shooting Glasses

In the same way that sunglasses come in so many different types, so too do shooting glasses. Glasses with wraparound lenses are among the most common because these glasses do not have frames that will get in your way. You'll have a clear view of your surroundings each and every time that you turn or move. Some wraparound glasses feature metal ear pieces that you can adjust to better fit your face, but other models use solid plastic ear pieces that do not adjust.

Always look closely at the design of the glasses because some manufacturers offer wraparound glasses that do not actually wrap around your face. These glasses often feature plastic lenses that stop right at the edge of your eye, which can leave you seeing the edge of the glasses from the corner of your eye.

Fit-over shooting glasses are best for those who already wear glasses. These shooting glasses are much larger in size and are designed in a way that the glasses fit over the top of your prescription glasses. You can see everything you need to see without paying for expensive prescription shooting glasses.

There are also shooting glasses that look like safety goggles. These glasses usually have a much larger shape and feature an elastic band that attaches to the back. You wrap this band around your head to keep the glasses in place while shooting.

Pay Attention to


Always look at the type of material used in the lenses of the glasses. Polycarbonate is usually the best material because it is the same thing that companies use when making bulletproof glass. Some companies call this ballistics glass. The lenses must also have certification from the American National Standards Institute.

Resistant to impacts

The top rated shooting glasses are those that are less likely to break when impacted by objects and materials. This can include debris that flies through the air or the impact of the glasses hitting the ground. You may find glasses with an impact rating approved by the military or an independent organization.


Shooting glasses come in a range of different prices. While some manufacturers make glasses that cost around $10 or less, the best glasses from top brands typically cost more than $100. The more expensive pairs often fit better and have a higher impact and lens rating.

UV protection

UV protection is important for those who enjoy hunting or shooting in the great outdoors. Though most of these glasses now offer some form of UV protection, look for those that protect against at least 90% of the sun's rays. The type of coating added to the exterior of the lenses is what will protect your eyes.

Lens color

Though you may not think that color matters, the color of the lenses plays a role in how well you can see. Darker shades of gray and green help you see true colors and keeps the sun from affecting your vision, while amber and brown lenses are best for use on days when there is a high amount of clouds. You'll also find lenses in other shades like yellow, orange and even pink.


Make sure that the shooting glasses you select fit comfortably on your face and head. If the ear pieces rub uncomfortably against the sides of your face, or the glasses keep slipping down, search for a pair that fits better on your face.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Honeywell designs glasses for professional shooters that offer extra protection. Curved metal ear pieces wrap around your ears and work with the metal nose guards to keep the glasses from slipping down your face as you move and sweat. A wraparound design ensures that your eyes stay safe.


Remington, the same company that makes a number of the more popular guns used today, makes eye glasses for shooters too. Its glasses come with wraparound lenses that give you a clear view of your prey and any obstacles around you, and those lenses have a coating that protects against up to 99.9% of the sun's rays.


Shooters on a budget may prefer the durable glasses available from Champion. These glasses come with colorful accents in shades of pink, blue and black colors that let you show off your personality on the range. Made from different pieces of molded plastic, these glasses feature ballistics grade plastic that offers more in the way of eye protection.

Smith & Wesson

Whether you exclusively use Smith & Wesson guns or use guns from other companies, you'll still like the glasses made by this company for shooters. The amber lenses help you see clearly while still protecting your eyes from the sun, but you'll find pairs that come with clear lenses too.


Beretta makes shooting glasses that are popular with professional law enforcement agencies and regular people too. These glasses have plastic ear pieces and a nose guard to keep the lenses in place on your face and come with smoky lenses that help you see better in lower light situations.