Marine Sunglasses Buying Guide

When you think about the ability to wear sunglasses these days, they aren't what they used to be. In fact, the idea of wearing sunglasses has significantly changed over time, and now instead of just being a darker lens that snaps over normal glasses, sunglasses have come to be something entirely different. When you are considering the next type of sunglasses to wear or to purchase, make sure that you keep the following in mind.

Types of Marine Sunglasses

Traditional Sunglasses

Over the counter sunglasses might seem silly, but if you are in short supply of sunglasses and you need to filter out light for a basic purpose then these will do. The simplest thing about sunglasses is that they are cheap, readily available, and if you lose or break them then you won't lose much. They serve a basic purpose, but they only do it in a very basic fashion.

Wrap Around Sunglasses / Goggles

For people who truly cannot see well, there are the options of having goggles. When it comes time to compete or go through functional activity but you also need to do it outdoors, you can have the wrap around version. If the whole point of sunglasses is to be able to see, then you don't want your sunglasses to be limited or to limit your activity. Wrap around versions or sun glass goggles mean you can move freely and not need to worry about them falling off during your activities.

Aviator Sunglasses

While these may be stylish and they definitely filter out the sun for a wide range around you, you have to remember what purpose they are serving. If you are out for a casual picnic or enjoying a nice day at the beach then these are almost standard in the field. However, knowing that you will be involved in activity (unless it is piloting a plane) might make these a bit clunky for functional use.

Protective Sunglasses

If you happen to be someone who works outdoors and deals with anything that could be considered dangerous, then you will not only want to protect your vision but you will want to protect your eyes as well. The key to having protective sunglasses is making sure they block out enough light that you can see, but not so much light that you can't see the equipment or items you are working with.

Side Shield

Some sunglasses will come with a side shield. This not only helps to prevent things from being blow (or splashed) into your eyes, but you can also avoid having any light hit your from a peripheral point of view so long as you have side shields built right into the glasses.

Transition Lenses

While some would say that these aren't true sunglasses, the ability to have lenses that transition from normal glasses to sunglasses becomes extremely important especially if you find yourself going back and forth between brightened areas and darker areas. Those who are back and forth inside and outside would most likely love these as well.

Pay Attention to

Functional Use?

Whether goggles or wrap around lenses, the functional aspect of sunglasses is one of the most important reasons to have them. After all, do you just want to have glasses that you can only use when you aren't moving? The key is having things that help you see, not distract you as you are forced to adjust them all of the time.

Protection Needed?

Are you trying to protect yourself from things you are working with, or are you just trying to block out some sun? Having any sort of protection is better than nothing, but why get something that doesn't meet your needs?

Flexibility Required?

Does your role require you to have interchangeable lenses so you can pop out certain lenses and put others in depending upon the activity? Could you use transition lenses? The point of this is that you are going to invest in a high quality product, so you need to know if it will stand up to not just one test, but all of the tests you face on a day to day basis.

Comfort Level

Just because your sunglasses look good and work well doesn't mean that you feel good in them. Make sure that you are able to put on something that will help you to see better but that won't pinch your head or that will slide up and down your nose. How do they fit when you sweat? Do they stay with your ears when you move your head side to side? Knowing the comfort of a pair of sunglasses will definitely help you to avoid problems over time.

Proper Style?

Just because you think your sunglasses look great, doesn't mean that they will be perfect for all occasions. What if you have bright red sunglasses to work out in and they look fabulous, but then you also want to wear them to work? The key is making sure you don't need to double up on multiple glasses. Make sure you have ones that work across the board and for all occasions as well.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Specializing in the polarized variety of sunglasses, the Blacktip brand allows users to not only wear functional sunglasses but to also do so with specific and cutting edge style.


Not only does the Costa brand support all outdoors styles, but the polarized sunglasses that they specialize in are definitely perfect for those who frequent the waters and live an active lifestyle.


Whether for fishing, boating, or any other sort of marine life, the Typhoon sunglasses that people love are part of the overall Typhoon active wear brand and style.

Bolle Marine

The entire Bolle Marine line is a very functional one that individuals love because while they are stylish they are still designed for doing work both on the land and on the water as well.