Blush Cosmetic Buying Guide

Cosmetic blush is a product that typically comes in a compact and features a powdered makeup inside that you apply with a brush or sponge. A light application of blush can give you a healthy and dewy glow that makes you look healthier and happier. As there are so many cosmetic companies in the world today that make blushes, you need to know the types available, what to look for and the best brands.

Types of Blush Cosmetics

Though you might think that all blushes are pretty much the same, there are actually a few different types. The most common is a powder blush. Sometimes called a dry blush, this type usually comes in a compact that has a mirror on top and a small brush that lets you apply the product to your skin.

A cream blush may look like a powder blush until you open the packaging. Often more concentrated in nature, cream blush goes on much darker and last longer than a powder blush will. A cream blush is better for those with dry skin because it can make oily skin look even more oily.

Cream blushes are a type of liquid blush, but this category also includes tints and gels. A tinted blush is a liquid product that contains just a small amount of color. Applying a small amount to your cheeks gives you that dewy and just rolled out of bed look that some women like.

Gel blushes generally walk the line between a cream blush and a tint. While the color may be more concentrated than you would find in a tint, it doesn't have as much lasting power or color as a cream. You can often apply a gel blush with your own fingers instead of using a brush or sponge.

You'll also find blush that comes in a stick that looks similar to a tube of lipstick but in a larger size. After pushing up on the bottom of twisting the knob on the bottom, the blush comes out in a stick form. You can apply it with your hands, a sponge or brush. Some call these products cheek sticks instead of stick blushes.

Pay Attention to


The first thing you need to consider is the overall price. A simple blush that you buy at the drugstore can cost as little as $8 to $10, but name brand products sold in makeup and specialty stores can cost between $20 and $50. As most contain similar ingredients, you should choose one that works with your budget.

Skin tone

Your skin tone plays a key role in the color of blush that will look best on you. Those with fair skin should stick to lighter tones within the peach family, while those with medium skin look best in pink shades. Shades in the gold family look best on women with a darker skin tone.

Skin type

If you have oily skin, you need to stick with a powder blush that will absorb some of the moisture in your skin. Those with dry skin should look for blushes that use natural minerals and liquid products that will help hydrate their skin.

UV protection

The more time you spend outside without sunscreen on, the more damage you do to your skin. Some of the top blushes contain ingredients that offer protection from the sun and the UV rays and will work with any sunscreen you wear on top of or underneath your makeup.


When selecting a blush, check the applicator that comes in the package. You generally want a slanted brush that provides just a dusting of color on your face. Most blushes and palettes come with at least one brush packaged inside.

Top Brands and Product Lines


NARS blushes get top marks because the man behind this cosmetics giant spent years as a makeup artist before designing his own line of products. The powder retains its shape even after constant use and comes in colors to match all skin tones. The most popular shade is its “Orgasm,” which the company claims will match all skin tones. This shade is the best selling product in the company's entire history.


Bareminerals makes blushes and other cosmetics that use natural minerals. That provides each product with a true to life color. The color that you see in the container is the same color you will see on your own skin. Its mineral blush lasts longer because you can use less of the product, and it provides a healthy and natural glow to your skin.


Many women like Lancome blushes because the products do not contain any of the oils found in other blushes. Some manufacturers add oil to make their blushes last longer on store shelves. Though Lancome blush is fairly expensive, it comes in a range of great colors.


Tarte is one of the newer makeup companies, but its blushes have a number of fans. Women love that it includes a small amount of clay, which will absorb oil in your skin without drying out or clogging your pores. The formula that the company uses for its blush also does a good job of hydrating your skin to make you look younger and more refreshed.


e.l.f. is a company that started online. Its name stands for eyes, lips and face, which refers to the original products it sold. Though you can now find those products in many big box and department stores, you'll want to keep an eye out for its blushes. This is one of the few companies that sells blush palettes, which let you sample four or more shades and mix and match those colors to create your own personalized blend.