Baby Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

Whether you jog or prefer to live a healthy lifestyle, a jogging stroller will make including your baby easier. Jogging strollers are expensive; it's important to make sure you pick the right fit for your family.

Variations in Jogging Strollers

Many features are the same in strollers; there are a few variations that you should pay attention to when deciding which one is right.

Front Wheel: Fixed vs. Swivel

There are two types of front wheels on jogging strollers. There are ones that have a swivel wheel to lock, but the wheel will still roll. Those are not suitable for runners nor uneven terrain.

A fixed wheel is like a rear bicycle wheel. It cannot move from its position. It generally is larger to allow for easier movement over objects, such as rocks. A fixed wheel is perfect for parents who frequently jog or run, because it can go over a variety of terrain easily.

This isn't the stroller that you want to take shopping. In order to turn, the stroller needs to be leaned back on two wheels and moved in the direction desired.

A swivel wheel is free to turn and move, similar to the front wheel of a bicycle. This is the right option for parents who want to use the stroller to job and for shopping. It is much easier to steer.

The disadvantage of swivel wheels is that they aren't able to handle a variety of terrain and can be easily bumped off course. This means that swivel wheels are not suitable for heavy running.

Spokes and Rims: Metal vs Plastic

The rim and spoke keep the shape of wheel, while supporting the weight of the jogging stroller.

Metal rim and spoke designs are very practical and will give a smooth ride to the stroller. If you live in an area that metal frequently rusts, check to make sure the spokes are stainless steel. They are more resistant; alloy is also another non-rusting option. The metal rim is more supportive and designed for heavy jogging.

Plastic rim and spokes are more lightweight than metal. The downside to plastic is that it isn't as durable as metal. They will scratch easier as well. The plastic option is best for those who are not heavy runners and just need an everyday option.

Pay Attention to These Features

When picking your new jogging stroller, here are some other options and features to consider before purchasing.

Wheel Size

When you are trying to decide wheel size, it's important to think about where you will typically be using the stroller. Different wheel sizes do well in different terrains. There are three sizes:

12" Wheels good for pavement, sidewalks and places such as the mall.

16" Wheels good for concrete and light off-road usage.

20" Wheels good for everything! These can go over the bumpiest of terrain and places with sand and dirt.


Braking is fairly important for baby jogging strollers. No one wants their baby to roll away! There are two different options for braking systems.

Parking Brake this variety is on almost all jogging strollers. When you stop walking, you apply the parking brake so the baby doesn't roll away. Typically, these brakes are foot operated with a lever by the wheels.

Hand Brake these allow the parent to gradually slow the stroller on places such as a hill. The only stroller that have a hand brake are fixed wheel strollers. If you need a double jogging stroller, a hand brake is crucial. They can roll away much faster.


There are two varieties of handlebars adjustable and nonadjustable. Most strollers will have the nonadjustable features, but an adjustable is useful if multiple people use the same stroller. If either parent is very tall or short, an adjustable handlebar may be beneficial.


Jogging strollers aren't typically as compact as traditional strollers. This can cause issues depending on the kind of vehicle the parent drives. Trunk spaces can be little. Most strollers use a simple folding mechanism. It's a very easy way to fold the stroller, but it's quite bulky. The other option is a compact folding. This option takes more time. This is just a matter of personal preference and space available.

Fun Features

Some strollers have just the basic options, and other strollers incorporate a variety of fun features. None of these may matter, or they could be a really desired feature.

Cupholders look at the number offered on the stroller.

Pedometer this is nice if you plan to do a lot of jogging with your baby.

Baby tray a tray in the front of the baby can hold snacks or small toys to entertain the little one.

Speakers some strollers allow the parent to plug in their smartphone to listen to music.

Double Strollers

Most companies have single and double options. But, there are two varieties of double strollers side by side and tandem

The side by side stroller are a very popular option, but they are harder in places such as the mall.

Tandem strollers are narrower for indoor places, but they aren't as easy to push when jogging.

Top Brands of Jogging Strollers


They offer a variety of options but their Revolution product line is a favorite among parents.

Baby Trend

These are quality strollers for the budget restricted parent. The Expedition series is a great, everyday stroller.


These are luxury brand strollers for the serious runners.


This is a trusted brand of jogging stroller for runners that won't break the bank.

Once you have decided which features you want, picking the perfect baby jogging stroller will be easy! The market has many options from those who need a budget option to those who want to invest in the perfect stroller to run with their child. There is something for every parent.