Epilator Buying Guide

An epilator is a hair removal system that produces very smooth skin similar to waxing. The results of epilation are long lasting since the hairs are removed at the root, and they are less messy and more convenient than waxing. There are many features to take into consideration when choosing an epilator.

Types of Epilators

One type of epilator is the rotating spiral wire variety. In these epilators, a spring repeatedly coils together and apart to capture hairs and remove them from the root. Because the springs in this device are constantly coiling and un-coilng, there is a high rate of failure or breakage of the coils. Cols can be purchased separately, however, and replaced at any time. This is an added cost and an inconvenience for some users.

The second type of epilator is the rotating disks variety. This type works in a similar manner as the coil type, but instead of springs, there are disks, making it a bit more durable. You are less likely to have malfunctions with this type versus the coil version.

The third and final type of epilator is the newest technology. The multiple tweezer type of epilator has plates, which are not complete disks, that move together and apart as the epilator rotates. When they near the skin, they pull the hair and release it as it continues to rotate. These come with differing amounts of tweezers, with more tweezers doing the job faster.

Pay Attention to

The number of tweezers an epilator has makes a big difference with how it works. More is not necessarily better though it is great for some people. For example, an epilator with more tweezers can remove hair from a large area all at one time. On the downside is the fact that this may be more painful for some people. Many will argue that removing a large amount at once may produce some pain, but it is over more quickly, and so it is better. This becomes a matter of preference.

The power source of your new epilator will be important to consider. While some of these devices can plug in to a standard outlet, others run on batteries. Some even include rechargeable batteries for added convenience. Of course, it is only convenient when you remember to charge it, so you must be diligent about remembering if you choose this option. Otherwise, when you really need it, the device will not be ready to use since most of the rechargeable epilators cannot be used plugged in. Those with batteries are also perfect for quick and easy hair removal while traveling or even as a quick touch up. On the other hand, epilators with a cord that is plugged in tend to be more powerful and thus work better. They can certainly work for longer periods than those with batteries so keep this in mind if you plan to do a lot of epilating at once. Additionally, there is no chance of forgetting to recharge the batteries with a corded appliance.

Corded epilators are meant to be used on dry skin. However, many of the cordless models can now be used on wet skin and even in the bath or shower. Some will prefer to epilate wet skin as it tends to be less painful. However, epilation does tend to work better on dry skin, so your results may not be as good if you are working with wet skin. Again, it is an option you must weigh for your personal tastes.

Some epilators have an additional massage function. This is good because it helps to dull nerve endings for more comfortable epilation. In addition, it will soothe the skin for a less painful experience. Others may come with a cooling pack that you can put in the refrigerator or freezer. You then put this on the skin to be epilated to help numb it to some extent for a more comfortable experience.

Some epilators have the additional capability of being a trimmer or a shaver as well as an epilator. The trimmer is a handy function to have because it trims the hair to the perfect length for epilation. A shaver attachment can be nice if there are some areas you would prefer to shave instead of epilating. You can do it all with one handy tool rather than having to put out more money for additional equipment.

Many epilators come with two speed settings, low and fast. If you are new to epilating, this is an especially good choice because you can adjust the speed to decrease the amount of pain you are feeling. An epilator that is adjustable is also preferable when you are using it on more sensitive skin such as the face or the bikini area. The ability to adjust can make a big difference.

Some epilators come with an optional light. This light will shine on the area you are removing hair from, and it will help you see even the short or very fine hairs, allowing you to remove all of the hair. It is great for the shadowy areas of the body. The light will really help you pick up on spots you might have missed.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Braunís Silk-Epil line has been a very successful product line for those willing to spend in the middle price ranges.

Epilady is the original epilator brand and has advanced over the years. They have several models in different price ranges.

Remington is a well known brand in the realm of epilators. They have a variety of products with different features at all price points.

Phillips Satin Perfect line is one of the most popular and can be found for a moderate price.

Panasonic offers several epilators in various price ranges for all tastes.

Emoji offers one of the largest epilators with 72 tweezers. It is among the more expensive of the epilators available.