Landline Telephone Headset Buying Guide

There are many reasons why anyone would need to use a landline telephone these days. The key to remember is that while you may have a reason for using a landline telephone, it also means that you need to do something stationary and most likely multitask at the same time. When you are thinking about getting the job done and doing it correctly then you need a landline telephone headset. But, if you are looking for the best landline headset, then keep the following information in mind.

Types of Landline Telephone Headsets

Basic Headset

Even though some people need more, there are many reasons why starting off with just the basics is a good idea. For example, if you happen to be running a simple side gig, starting up a brand new business, or even buying equipment for new and part time staff, then why would you need to go all out and spend top dollar amounts to get a simple piece of business equipment? In addition, if you are just using the headset for hands free talking and your employees (or you) happen to be in front of a computer, then what else would you need it for?

Wireless Headset

For employees and people that don't like a cord constantly getting in their way, the wireless features means you aren't getting whipped by a cord, having a cord knock things over, or even being limited within a few small feet to tilt your head.

Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth technology is tremendously popular, and it can also be simple to use. In addition, a Bluetooth equipped headset and earpiece can even be more functional as you can connect and disconnect to certain stations as you see fit. In other words, you can absolutely use your Bluetooth headset for multiple items including being able to use them at work.

Noise Cancelling Headset

If you happen to live in a busy area and work from home, or if you are trying to get work done while in a call center, then it only makes sense to have some sort of noise cancelling technology on your side. Even if you can hear just fine then the individuals you have on the other side of the call might also need to hear some sort of silence to convey professionalism. The key is to understand your working environment as well as the types of calls you will be making/taking to better know if you need the noise cancelling features in your headset or not.

Dual Ear Headset

Some people don't want to be distracted at all. For those individuals who want to be fully immersed, there are double ear headsets. This allows you to fully jump into and focus on a call without needing to keep one ear on your call while having the second ear pay attention to every other thing that is going on around you (including conversations, nature, and the traffic outside of your office window).

Pay Attention to

What Is Your Work Environment Like?

If your office or your anticipated office is significantly noisy then you are going to need a much different set of noise cancellation technology than if you didn't have noise present. In addition, are you crammed in a small area? Do you have to get up from your desk frequently? Are you always on the go? Do you wear different hats in the organization? All of these factors will greatly influence

What Is Your Personal Work Space Like?

Do you happen to work in the middle of a mess? Do you have a cluttered desk with papers, books, and cups of coffee or soda all around? Do you spin around in circles with papers, documents, and screens all around you? This could set your needs up much differently than if you just had a single screen or two in front of you. Pay attention to what your personal work space is like (and should be like in an average day) in order to know what type of landline telephone headset will work best for your needs.

Do You Need Privacy / Security?

What type of data and information do you typically deal with? By having certain information that is sensitive, whether it is financial, medical, or just confidential, you may need a stronger security presence. By having a landline telephone headset that comes with a cord, or by having built in security features, then you could be in better compliance and be at even less of a risk with respect to data compromise in the general business operations phase.

How Mobile Do You Need to Be? (Bouncing back and forth?)

You have to think about how mobile you will actually be. If you are in an office where you are constantly back and forth, then obviously a corded landline telephone headset is going to be much more difficult to work with than a cordless option. In addition, you have to consider what your role is with respect to are you going to continue speaking with others around you constantly, so do you want large, noise cancelling headphones over your ears to block everything else out?

How Much Time Will You Spend on the Phone?

The amount of time you spend on the phone in a given day will also help you to determine whether or not you need a larger size or not. While larger noise cancelling headphones might seem simple to use, if they are large then the added weight could come back and annoy you (or your ears) over the course of a multiple hour day.

Top Brands and Product Lines


A Japanese multinational electronics corporation, Panasonic has risen to the top of the electronics world when it comes to reputation for easy to use quality products.


A lesser known brand in the world of consumer and commercial electronics, the Voistek line is one that specializes in headsets of all types.


An electronics company that produces audio equipment across the spectrum, Plantronics is a publicly traded company that continues to offer a transparent organizational plan while still staying up with the newest fads in the audio world.