Weekender Bag Luggage Buying Guide

Weekender bags are perfect for transporting whatever you need during your short weekend trip. Your weekender bag could be anything from a practical backpack to a hardy suitcase, and should ultimately be suited to the task of travel. With this informative guide, you'll have no problem picking the best weekender bag for your preferred style of weekend travel.

Types of Weekender Bags


A backpack is a simple and straightforward choice for toting your weekend clothes and necessities. With a few simple pockets and comfortable straps, the backpack wins points for portability. The idea of traveling with a backpack may take you back to your days in elementary school, but there are actually endless options for stylish, sophisticated backpacks.


The suitcase is ideal for those who want to travel without missing their luxuries from home. It makes it easy to bring whatever you need in a safe, protected case. Suitcases often come with wheels, which can be a helpful option for portability depending on where you're like to go. While you can purchase a large suitcase if you'd like extra space, smaller suitcases may be ideal for short weekend trips.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is another option for your weekend getaway. This is ideal for those who travel light and wish to bring some technology with them for the trip. It's easy to fit a few sets of clothes, travel-size cosmetics, and a laptop in a messenger bag. One particularly good reason to use a messenger bag for travel is that it can easily fit under the seat in front of you when traveling by plane or train. The added pockets for organization are a plus, too.

Travel-specific bags

There are also some backpacks and bags specifically designed with travel in mind. Bags like the Tortuga and Minaal, mentioned below, fall into this category. These bags are ideal for frequent travelers as their convenience and ease-of-use make the high initial costs worth it. These bags have been tested and developed with the sole goal of making travel easy and comfortable.

Duffle bag

The duffle bag is a practical, simple choice, ideal for those who just want to get on with traveling. It's easy to throw in whatever you need and bring your duffle bag on a plane or bus. While not necessarily stylish, the duffle bag is affordable and does its job.

Pay Attention to


How easy is it to carry your bag from place to place? If you're traveling by plane, you'll spend plenty of time walking in and around the airport. A bag with wheels might seem convenient, but it could wind up being too heavy or difficult to maneuver in destinations with cobblestone streets or sandy beaches. It's also helpful to reduce the amount of things you bring with you if your bag is too heavy in order to have the best travel experience.


There's a reason people splurge for higher-priced travel bags. The last thing you want to deal with is an uncomfortable bag when lost in a new place. The best way to know whether a bag is comfortable is to try it out in person. You'll want to know whether the bag's straps dig into your shoulders, whether it's easy to maneuver while carrying your possessions, and overall whether or not using your travel bag is a comfortable experience.


Does it fit within carry-on requirements? Is it big enough to hold what you need for a weekend? It's recommended to take only a carry-on bag if traveling by plane for a short trip, as checked luggage has a reputation for randomly getting lost. If you're taking a weekend trip by bus or other public transportation, you'll want to check their size and weight requirements as well. When using public transportation, it's useful to pair a carry-on bag with a small personal bag, to make sure your valuables are always with you and don't get stolen.

Extra features

When you're taking a quick trip, it's best to focus on convenience. Extra pockets for organization, a comfortable handle, detachable backpack straps and more will each make your trip a little easier. Some weekender bags include laptop sleeves and lockable zippers, which are perfect for those who want a little extra security when bringing technology on the road. When traveling by car, a weekender bag with extra mesh pockets can help transport snacks and drinks, although this unfortunately won't be necessary if your weekend trip involves a plane.


You'll want to look poised and refreshed after traveling for hours to get to your destination. Luckily, you can find cute weekender bags with prints, patterns, and floral decorations. If leather is more your style, there are plenty of sleek, professional options that are also ideal for business trips. Some bags are more sporty and tactical, while others will show off your stylish side. It's easy to find just the right bag to suit your taste.

Top Brands and Product Lines


This is a quality bag designed with travel in mind. This front-loading bag meets carry-on size limits while providing both comfort and organization.


Like the Tortuga, the Minaal is another comfortable carry-on travel bag, designed specifically for frequent travelers who like to enjoy quality and comfort.


Target's line of weekender bags are both affordable and stylish, with fashion prints and plenty of space to tote your travel kit for the weekend.


Fjallraven's line of Kanken backpacks are cute and colorful while employing the practicality of Swedish design.

Herschel Supply

Herschel's line of duffel bags combines style with the practicality and versatility of duffel bags, with a wide variety of options that may appeal to more unisex tastes.