Tablet Travel Case Buying Guide

If you're like most people today and use your tablet as a replacement for your traditional home computer, you might want to take it with you to work and on your next vacation. A good tablet travel case will do you well on all your adventures. These cases offer protection from accidental drops and much more.

Types of Travel Tablet Cases

Tablet cases provide protection for your electronic device while on the go. You can safely use one while sitting on a city bus, enjoying the sunshine on your lunch break or even while lounging on the beach. Before buying a travel case though, it's important to get a feeling for each type out there.

A tablet skin is an alternative to a traditional case. Instead of featuring a hard or rubberized exterior shell, skins are much more lightweight and act like adhesive paper. You simply peel off the paper backing to reveal the sticky adhesive and place the skin right on your tablet. Tablet skins protect those devices from scratches but aren't a valid solution to other types of damage.

Tablet sleeves offer more protection for busy professionals and those on the go. As the name implies, it usually features three stitched together sides with one open end. While some keep that end open, others add a zipper or snap that lets you close that end. Most feature some type of padding inside that does a good job of cushioning your device during falls and accidents.

Another option is a traditional tablet case. Often made from a rigid and durable material, these cases come in sizes designed to fit specific types of tablets from select manufacturers. Some companies offer universal designs that will fit tablets of a certain size. If you need more storage, you might opt for a case that has hidden storage inside.

Tablet users may also opt for a folio cover, which looks similar to a book cover. Folio covers feature two thicker or harder pieces that cover the front and back of the tablet. A small elastic band lets you keep the folio closed when not using your tablet. Some of the more popular models come with a pop up stand that sits on the back and folds flat too.

Pay Attention to


Before buying a tablet case, make sure that you purchase a case that will fit the exact size and shape of your tablet. The official manufacturers of some devices offer covers designed just for models like the latest iPad or those from the Samsung Galaxy line. Take the time to measure your own tablet and to compare those measurements against those found on the packaging.

Type of material

Some of the best tablet covers are those made from rubber or plastic. Rubberized covers will actually reduce the stress on your tablet in the event of a fall, and hard or molded plastic covers can cushion your tablet too. While leather has a nice look, it doesn't offer nearly as much protection as these other materials do. Tablet skins feature a vinyl construction and only protect against scratches to the exterior of the tablet and not any other damage.

Ease of use

If you're the type of person who is always on the go, you need a case that lets you easily use your tablet without fumbling around first. Many shoppers prefer folio cases and harder cases that keep the sides free or have ports that let them plug in their charging cords and other accessories.


When shopping online, you need to consider the price of the case itself and any shipping and handling fees charged by the seller or site. While a basic tablet sleeve might cost much less than you thought, cases that offer more protection often cost much more. There are some tablet cases that cost as much as $200 or more.


Those who own some of the newer tablets may want to look for a case that comes with its own keyboard or works with a keyboard. Some travel cases actually have extra space inside that lets you fold or roll up the keyboard to store it safely with your tablet while on the road. Others let you plug in the keyboard and use it while keeping your tablet safe inside the case.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Though still a relatively new company, Trident makes travel cases for some of the more popular tablets from top manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Some of its cases even have built in charging ports that let your charge your tablet without removing it from the case.

Case Logic

Though Case Logic started out making carrying cases for cameras, it expanded its lineup to include cases for phones and tablets. These cases range in size and style from those that look like ordinary backpacks to cases that look like handbags.


Long called one of the top companies for cell phone cases, Otterbox now makes cases for tablets too. The Defender Series offers the ultimate in protection and lets you use your device and all its features while keeping it safe from drops and scratches. Most cases come with a kickstand that holds your tablet upright too for easy access.


Invent makes travel cases that are popular with those who want to carry more than just their tablets. Each case has a universal design that works with most major brands. The hard exterior of the case absorbs shocks during falls. Each case features extra pockets inside for storing accessories like an extra battery, a charging cord or an external hard drive.