Bedroom Furniture Set Buying Guide

If you're tired of mismatched secondhand furniture or you need to upgrade to a larger bed, it's time to shop for a new bedroom furniture set. You may even need to select a set for your child's bedroom or to prepare your spare bedroom for guests. Whether you're filling your new home with luxury furniture or you're updating on a tight budget, this guide will tell you how to select the best furniture set for every bedroom.

Types of Bedroom Furniture Sets

The bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom set. While you may want the luxury of rolling around in a king-sized bed, your room may not accommodate that desire. Determine where you want to place the bed and measure the space before determining your mattress size. You will also have to decide whether you want a bed frame that comes with just a headboard or matching headboard and footboard. Select a headboard with the right height and decorative style for your bedroom décor. If you don't want standard metal bed rails, you can now select a platform bed or go with a waterbed that sits in a large wooden frame.

Most bedroom furniture sets will come with at least one nightstand. Many will offer matching stands that you can place on each side of the bed, but that takes up more space in your room and will cost more than a set with one nightstand. Most of these stands come with two drawers for storage, but you may find other designs if you shop around. You can find bedroom sets that come with the bed and nightstands only, and this is the perfect option for a small bedroom if more drawer space isn't needed.

If you do need more drawer space, look for a larger bedroom furniture set that comes with a chest of drawers and/or a dresser. A chest may have up to six drawers, and they tend to take up less space than dressers because the drawers are stacked upright. A dresser may demand more floor space, but it will also give you a longer surface to hold items. You can also find dressers with large mirrors that sit on top.

If you still need more space to store clothing, consider bed sets that come with an armoire or large closet chest. This will give you an elegant piece of furniture that fills space in a larger bedroom while allowing you to hang clothing or hide some items from view. Some large chests now feature space for a flat-screen television, so you can close the doors on the TV if you wish.

Many furniture brands offer coordinating pieces that you can add into their bedroom sets. These items aren't always included in standard sets because they aren't pieces that every buyer will want, but they may fit your needs perfectly. For instance, a children's bedroom furniture set may come with a canopy that extends over the bed and a woman's bedroom set may come with a vanity. You may also find cedar or hope chests offered as optional add-ons.

Pay Attention to

Many bedroom sets are available in multiple colors, and you may have the option of adding, removing or substituting pieces that come in the set. When you see a picture of a set that you like online or in a sales ad, go into the store or read the full online product description to see what options are available. For instance, an image may show the set in black and white, but you may also have the option of purchasing the set in espresso or cherry.

The shopping process always starts with measuring your bedroom space. In addition to determining what size bed you can accommodate, this will tell you how many additional pieces you can fit into the room. For instance, you may realize that you need to downgrade to a queen-sized bed to accommodate a hope chest or that you have to choose between the vanity and the dresser with mirror.

If you already have some furniture in the bedroom, make sure that the new set fits with the style and color of the older pieces. You may also consider the color and style of your sheets, comforters, quilts and artwork already featured in the room.

Select your mattress according to quality and physical support rather than focusing on price. Your budget is important, but an uncomfortable mattress will leave you tired and potentially suffering from aches and pains. If money is limited, it's best to invest in a quality mattress and select a bed set with fewer pieces. You can always shop for matching pieces of furniture in the future.

Most people select mattresses according to firmness, but they forget to consider height. Some mattresses are thicker than others, so they will stand taller once placed on top of the box springs. Added height may mean that your pets or small children need steps or a helping hand when getting in and out of the bed. If the mattress is too thin and you feel uncomfortable getting in and out, you may want to add a topper.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Bassett Furniture

This is one of the most recognizable brand names in the furniture industry. Select from more than five bedroom furniture lines, each offering a selection of pieces that you can combine to create the perfect set. Many lines feature multiple bed frame options, including beautiful sleigh beds and upholstered headboards.

Cottage Retreat

A popular brand for children's bedroom furniture sets. The options include child-sized nightstands, sweater chests and bunk beds.

Edgewater Furniture

Offering luxury furniture crafted in the USA, this brand is known for quality bedroom sets that you can pass down for generations. Multiple lines are available, and you can select from a variety of pieces to create the perfect set for any bedroom. Most collections include unique options, including vanities, dressing benches and cedar chests.

Badcock Home Furniture

Affordable bedroom furniture sets with king and queen-sized beds. Most sets come with five pieces and feature a variety of decorative styles.