Printer Stand Buying Guide

Printer stands can be extremely convenient for nearly any specific situation. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of printer stands, what to pay attention to when shopping for one and the best brands that are on the market. This buying guide will give the information that you'll need to make a decision in your shopping quest.

Types of Printer Stands

Dual Printer Stands

Dual printer stands are really convenient for when you have the need of two printers in close proximity. It stores two printers in an organized, neat fashion. Many of them come with additional places for storing supplies and other important necessities. You can find some dual printer stands with wheels that make it easy for mobility if needed.

Desk Side Printer Stands

Desk side printer stands work great for providing printer storage next to any desk. (These type of printer stands don't generally fit underneath average sized desks but always sit snug next to them.) What makes the desk side printer stand a lovely convenience is when you are seated comfortably at your desk and need to print several papers, you can have them within easy reach. Many of these printer stands also come with extra drawers or storage compartments for convenient organization.

Multi Purpose Printer Stand

The great thing about multi purpose printers stands is in the title: they are multi purpose. This means that they can also hold other office machines such as fax machines, computers or telephones in addition to printers. They're available in many styles, sizes, shapes and designs. Generally, they also offer addition storage and compartments for other supplies for optimal organization.

Laser Printer Stands

Laser printer stands hold laser printers. This means that the stands are likely to be larger than the average printer stand. However, don't think that you can't use a laser printer stand for other types of printers and office machines. It's larger size makes it very convenient and spacious for many printers as well as offering more space for office supplies and other objects.

Single Machine Printer Stands

The single machine printer stand only holds one, singular printer. Unlike the dual printer stand, it doesn't have the extra space or compartments for a second printer. However, it satisfies the needs for most personal office spaces and usually has storage room for small office supplies such as pens, pencils or paper. It really depends on the model that you choose.

Under Desk Printer Stand

The under desk printer stand is very convenient for people that have small, compact office spaces. This type of stand fits snug underneath your desk while still offering use for your printer. It often has wheels for easy mobility. This comes in handy for when you want to pull it out from underneath your desk to reload paper or perform any other task.

Pay Attention to

When you're shopping for the best printer stand, it's wise to pay attention to a few things. Let's take a brief look at what you should keep in mind.


It's important to know the purpose and need before shopping for the best printer stand. If you're needing something that can fit perfectly underneath your desk, then you will want to look at the under desk printer stands. If you have a laser printer, then you would likely be most satisfied with a laser printer stand.

Knowing your specific need and purpose will prevent you from purchasing the wrong size and type of printer stand.


The second thing that you should pay attention to are the features. Many people prefer to keep their printer materials nearby the printer. Most of the printer stands have slots or room for blank paper. This may be a feature that would appeal to you the most.

You may want a printer stand that has removable shelving or compartments for pens and pencils. There are many features that are unique to each brand and product.


Printer stands are made out of different materials. If your office is inside a warehouse, you may want a printer stand that's constructed of tougher material such as a steel frame or furniture grade wood.

Other printer stands can be constructed from plastic materials that often work best in cubicle environments.

Other people prefer to have printer stands that are constructed with wheels and allow for easy mobility. If you travel from room to room a lot with your job and printer, then wheels would be a must.


As with anything in shopping, it's always important to have a budget in mind. Take a look at all of the prices and compare them with other printer stands. This will help you to narrow down the choices .

Top Brands and Product Lines

Finally, when you're shopping for the best printer stand, it's important to be familiar with the brands. Let's take a look at some popular printer stand brands.


Fellowes is known for producing great office products. It's no doubt that they create and produce high quality printer stands. This brand always produces sturdy printer stands that often come with convenient paper compartments for easy storage. Check out their different designs and styles and you'll likely find one that your satisfied with on quality and budget.


The Rolodex brand has been around long enough that their name has become a noun for rotary telephone and address accessory! Their products are always reliable, sturdy and long lasting. It's without any question that their printer stands are just as reliable, sturdy and long lasting. You'll find the best of the best with Rolodex.

Victor Technology

Victor Technology is a brand that offers high quality office supplies such as printer stands for affordable prices. You can find almost any printer stand to suit your specific needs with this brand.