Personal Radio Buying Guide

When it comes time to get a personal radio for any given reason, you need to be aware of what you are actually getting in return for your hard earned cash. Because technology is moving so much quicker all of the time, it only makes sense to actually think about the intended use and make sure what you are looking into is actually compatible with your desires. As long as you keep the following in mind, then you should be set for some good times and good tunes ahead!

Types of Personal Radios

General Personal Radio

The old boom boxes may be a thing of the past, but anything from big square speakers down to the clock radios that are still next to most bedsides in American households are still one of the most popular designs around despite being decades old. The technology for other things have certainly improved, but the personal radio that is extremely basic and no frills or thrills is something that anyone is used to.

Auxillary Components

While a personal radio by itself is extremely beneficial in certain circumstances, you also have to be aware of the fact that auxiliary ports will allow you to actually listen to other music as well. Something as simple as plugging in your phone, Mp3 player, or even your computer into your radio is one thing, but by having additional speakers or other types of music you can truly be able to expand the capabilities of your personal radio.

Satellite Radio

The rage these days that everyone is trying to get is satellite radio. With countless channels devotes to even more topics, you can listen to anything that you want and most of it is commercial free. However, in order to be able to use a satellite radio to its fullest, you have to be sure that it is wired properly and works according to your functional needs. Whether that is in the car and on the go or even around the pool or office, satellite radio options opens up your music experience.

Digital Radio

Digital radio means you have access to all of the FM channels and stations that you know and love, but also get some additional capabilities. Depending upon the radio device you are using, digital radio may mean that you can actually pause live radio, get specific channels that you can't hear elsewhere, and even record the music for a later date.

Walkman / Armband Radio

For all of the athletic types that are constantly on the go, a mobile radio is just the cure for having to exercise or get about in complete silence. The ability to listen to any sort of music is already nice, but true motivation for you to get to the peak of your workout is amplified by having a top quality Walkman or armband radio attached to you.

AM/FM Radio

The simple AM/FM combination radio might seem simple, but if you are trying to get the news, want to listen to simple music as you hit the beach or even just want to catch a sporting event broadcast over the old AM signals then you can do so with an old fashioned AM/FM radio.

Pay Attention to

Are you stationary or on the move?

If you want to move about, even if only in the same room, then you need to know what your limitations are. Perhaps you do want to have something that allows you to be mobile. Or, perhaps you want to have a radio that will allow you to hook up additional speakers with surround sound. Relaxing and casually listening is far different than having the music follow you as you work.

Simple music to pass the time or a specific channel / program?

If you just want some background music to enjoy then you don't need to worry about specific channels as much as you would have to if you needed a specific theme or channel for example. Imagine just playing a radio casually in the office waiting room and it was just local music and ads. Then imagine having something like satellite radio that allows your listeners to conveniently enjoy non stop music without the need for ads and blank space or dead air. Knowing what the intent of your music is will help you to decide the type of personal radio you actually need.

Any add-ons or plug-ins required?

When it comes to the actual ability of your radio to have plug ins, you need to know what you are going to use it for. Do you want to have a simple radio that will allow computers and other media devices to plug in and use the speakers? Do you want to use the speakers that come as standard or possibly

Range and Quality?

You also want to be sure when you are buying a personal radio that you know exactly how far it goes. Again, if this is just something for the background noise to avoid having silence, then there aren't any worries. That being said, if you are trying to listen to something professionally, or you really just want to focus on the music (think of someone working out or a truck driver who just wants to hear tunes while he or she drives), then you need to think about the range and quality as well as the dependability of your music.

Top Brands and Product Lines


The Japanese multinational conglomerate known as Sony gives any radio instant credibility as they are one of the leaders of electronic components and parts across the globe.


Another major electronics and component manufacturer based in Japan, Panasonic has created significant market share due to their never ending quest to produce top quality consumer products at an affordable rate.


The satellite radio company isn't just a major organization that revolutionized the way that people listen to music. Sirius also changed the way that people could enjoy their favorite programs in peace without the need for commercials.