Cable Modem Buying Guide

When it comes to actually upgrading your computer and electronic equipment, the key that you have to remember is that you need to have an understanding of what you are getting yourself into before you make a purchase. If you buy the right modem up front then you can actually have a solid internet connection with no problems. You can also go for a handful of years without needing to replace or upgrade your modem again as long as you find the right one the first time.

Types of Cable Modems

Standard Modems

Just like it sounds, a standard modem is something that everyone already knows about. Not only will a standard modem be something that is very basic, but there's a good chance that you will get it for little to no cost. The bad news about standard modems is that they aren't always as secure, as fast, or even as capable as the other types of modems on the market. They get the job done, but it may take some time with them and you may run into some errors and troubleshooting situations more often.

WiFi Modems

While WiFi is a more common theme these days that everyone can simply jump on board with, a WiFi modem means you are making an investment in something that has multiple uses. The old cable modem wasn't just something where cable came into the house, but you also had to run cables and ethernet cords in order to even plug into it in the first place. With WiFi modems anyone that has built in WiFi (or WiFi adapters) can simply link up and get on the internet.

High Security Modems

High Security modems means you are more secure than ever. The easier that modems are to access means the easier that you can have access to the internet. However, the Catch 22 is that while you may want to be getting on with less hassle, you also have to remember the easier it is for you, then the easier it is for any unwanted individuals as well. Ensuring your modem is full of state of the art security means you can be comfortable and confident in your privacy and personal information being protected.

Intelligent Modems

As more technology is always becoming available, the key for you to remember is that you need the hardware and the infrastructure within computers to be able to support all of the new apps, technology, and even the software that you are running in the background. By having more intellingent modems you can not only sync things up quicker and transfer information even faster, but the added efficiency of intelligent modems also may mean increases in security and faster transfar of data among other items.

Home Media Modems

While some modems are designed for commerce and business and other modems are designed to transfer pure information with respect to computing in the home, by having home media modems you can get the best of both worlds plus more. Even though you will want to transfer a different type of data (whether music or video), a home media modem will let you actually run the smoothest of media at the optimal levels.

Pay attention to

How Much Volume and Data?

If you are just a casual browser of internet information and online news then you are going to require a much simpler modem than someone who is looking to download media, play video games and stream movies. The power of your modem is going to be a very important question for you to answer, and the only way that you can decide how powerful of a modem you need is by what you do with it.

How Many Users?

Multiple users in the same home or office means more people trying to use the same resource. In short, you need to be aware of how far you need to stretch said resource and that will help guide you to a certain product over others.

Security Needs and Compliance?

One of the biggest things you need to take into consideration is the security and compliance of it all. How much personal information do you have and store on your computer? Or, if you happen to run any sort of business, then how much information do you store when it comes to the personal data of others?

Age of User?

The age of the user can make the type of modem to be used an easy decision. Note that this isn't even purely a physical age as much as it is a proxy for how comfortable the user actually is with technology. Someone who simply isn't tech literate may not need a top of the line modem when it comes to capabilities, and the truth is they may not even be able to use it in the first place.

Mobility and Signal?

Some people might not realize how important it is to have a modem that connects for a wide range, but depending upon your intended use you may need a strong signal. Not all people live in a 1,000 square foot house, and if you want to stream or download certain things and you are outside of a given range (or on another floor for example) then perhaps it's a good idea to get a stronger and more powerful modem.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Netgear is an American global organzation that not only operates in retail and commercial segments, but they also have an entire business segment dedicated to the service of their current operation as well.


Cisco is seen by many as the state of the art product maker, they have a significant amount of computer technology backing them.


A large multinational organization, D-Link is able to pull their resources from across the globe to create top quality products across the networking spectrum.


Linksys is an American corporsation that not only specializes in the networking gear of home users and small businesses, but they also have been praised for their service for years.