Weather Station Buying Guide

Home weather stations are ideal for people who depend on weather conditions for their business or just have a fascination with weather. These stations range from simple thermometer/barometer combinations to deluxe systems with multiple data recording capabilities. They vary in prices and can be ordered and shipped from many online sources.

Types of Weather Stations

Basic Weather Stations

These systems are ideal for the armchair meteorologist. They come with a wireless transmitter that is mounted outdoors while the monitor is mounted in the house. The transmitter keeps constant track of temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and other weather components. Some of these models will also measure wind speed and come with accurate clocks. The transmitter will work no matter where the monitor is placed in the house.

Deluxe Weather Stations

There are people who have businesses and hobbies that depend on weather conditions. These have wireless or cabled transmitters and indoor monitors like the basic weather stations do; however, they provide more complete weather data, such as wind speed and direction as well as rainfall gauge. These systems would be invaluable to people involved in outdoor recreation, construction, and farming. Instead of relying on weather reports from miles away, these provide real-time reports right in the user's area.

Professional Weather Stations

These weather stations are meteorology-grade and are ideal for people or businesses that need to know weather conditions in their immediate area. The safety of many people can be dependent on weather conditions (i.e. tornado watches, etc.) Professional models work through outdoor transmitters and are used in many schools and government buildings. The weather data is extensive and provides information that could be unique to a microclimate.

Hand-Held Weather Stations

There are times when people are outdoors and they need to know about any weather issues that are impending. This is especially true of people who are camping, hiking, climbing, or doing something that inclimate weather may affect their safety. Most models are small enough to put in a pocket or backpack. Some of these hand-hand systems are sophisticated enough to measure temperature, barometric pressure and humidity levels. Many of these have night vision screen capabilities.

Wi-Fi Weather Stations

With these systems, weather data can be transmitted through the user's wireless network. Then, the data can be viewed on any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. They work just like a traditional router or Wi-Fi system. Most brands transmit a majority of weather conditions through the system.

Pay Attention to

Weather Components

The more you depend on weather reports for your safety, work, or hobbies, the more components your personal weather system should have. These are measurements to look for in a quality system: temperature (inside/outside), humidity (inside/outside), barometer, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV and solar radiation measurements. If you do not need a comprehensive model, you can by a less expensive one with only the features you need.

Computer/Internet Compatibility

When buying a weather system, make sure it is compatible with your computer system with USB or WIFI capabilities. This is the type of system you need if you want to check weather conditions around your home or business while you are in a remote area.

Calculated Indices

These are extra features that may be needed to monitor extreme condition monitoring. They may include dew point, wind chill factor, and heat index. Many models have a weather forecast icon for instant reports.


Most models have a built-in clock and calendar for convenience. You will want a backlight feature if you need to monitor the weather in the dark. Some of the clocks are automatic (RCC/NIST) and feature an alarm.

Other Desirable Features

It is useful to have a weather station that can be calibrated as needed. Some models feature a barograph, min/max, and a backlight for safety and convenience. If you need a hand-held model, it should be light and portable enough to put in your pocket.

Top Brands and Product Lines

AcuRite 75077 Weather Forecaster with Jumbo Display, Remote Sensor and Atomic Clock: This is a basic weather system with an outdoor transmitter that sends weather information to the inside monitor.

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Weather Station, Full Color: This deluxe weather station also measures wind speed and rainfall and has a wireless connection.

AcuRite 01036 Pro Color Weather Station with PC Connect, Rain, Wind, Temperature, Humidity, and Weather Ticker: This professional weather station has a full color weather ticker that keeps the user up-to-date on weather conditions.

Ambient Weather 6322-WEATHERBRIDGEPRO-KIT VantagePro2 WiFi / 4G Cellular Wireless Weather Station with WeatherBridgePro: With this WIFI kit, users can monitor the weather with their smartphone or other wireless devices.

WeatherHawk SM-28 SkyMaster Hand-Held Weather Meter, Yellow: This is a hand-held weather system that is portable and conveniently monitors different variables of the weather.