TV Accessories Buying Guide

Types of TV Accessories

Universal Remote Control

With multiple boxes, devices, and every other thing under the sun that is currently available for television sets these days, the current strategy for remote controls is that you need to have roughly one for every unit you have in your house, and then an extra one or two where you don't even know what they are used for. With a universal remote control you can have everything synced up so that by clicking a button on a single remote you can have everything work to your advantage.

Internet Streaming Box

With multiple boxes such as the Roku system or the Amazon Fire stick, you can literally have everything that you need with respect to downloading movies, streaming shows, and etc. all just by receiving them through the internet. There's no difficulty and once they are set up you can watch almost any show right through the internet.

Video Game Accessories

While video games are a classification all on their own, you can have multiple accessories from the big players to even plug ins that you can pick up over the counter. As long as you have a controller you can pick up dozens or even hundreds of gaming systems and gaming accessories and then the whole thing can wind up working to your advantage and you can play countless titles and hits from the gaming world.

Antenna Receiver

While they may have been called "Rabbit Ears" once upon a time, if you have the electronic format or the old format then you can still pick up local channels without needing to buy any additional subscriptions, boxes, or sets. It's a great way to keep minimum costs for minimum shows.

VCR / DVD Player

A VCR player used to be all of the novelty back in the day as you could record television shows or movies right onto a VCR tape and watch it later. While that technology has been replaced onto a DVD machine, the concept is still the same. By being able to catch the latest movies and series on DVD, you are able to have all of the information that you want on a collection without ever needing to connect to the internet.

DVR Player

A DVR player is not just a fun feature, but it allows you to pause live TV. There are different models out there from different companies but you can truly record, pause, playback and have other functions that you would never even think of when it came to live television.

Pay attention to

Space In Your Home

Having surround sound TV might seem great, but in an apartment of only 800 square feet do you really need it? In addition, the old fashioned rabbit ears would be a perk to pick up the local channels, but do you want big metal antennas sticking out in the middle of your living room just to save a few bucks and pick up a few more channels? You need to be aware of how much space you have to work with and how you want to use it.


Make sure that what you get actually works with everything else that you already have or what you will eventually want to have. Picking up a device that relies on an internet connection is great unless you don't have the internet (or don't have WiFi if that is required). In addition, knowing that certain game systems don't sync up with certain games, or knowing that you have a universal remote that doesn't control a certain model of television would be pertinent information to have before you make a purchase.


The key to knowing what type of accessories you are going to need is the same thing that you will need to consider before you actually buy a TV in the first place. Who is going to use the TV and more specifically what are their desires for it? When it comes to just catching the news then you will have a much different set of needs then someone who wants to watch high definition movies or even someone who needs a large screen for details when it comes to gaming. The capabilities of the television will change as well depending upon the viewer, so know in advance what you want to do.

Moving Possibilities

The key to having any sort of long term satisfaction will center around knowing what your plans in the future are. Having a decent sized TV is alright, but if you are planning on moving into a large house it could be too small. Be sure to know what works not only now, but what will make sense down the line as well.

Desired Audience

While you may love the idea of having a large screen television that will let you watch movies, what if your partner, roommate or children just want to casually game? A large screen might be good, but it may also be too big for certain occasions.

Top Brands and Product Lines


The conglomerate that keeps electronics together, Sony continues to show that they can compete in the world of television and TV accessories by constantly offering tremendous products to enhance the viewing pleasure of the end users.


While specializing in the computers world, Microsoft has also recently gotten into the sectors of everything from video games to other electronic streaming services as well and will surely be around for a long time as they continue to develop new connected devices.


The Fire Stick by amazon is a top item that many are clamoring over. While letting you stream some of your favorite shows and apps, you can also have access to everything else that Amazon has been adding such as games and other channels that are unavailable elsewhere.


While they may not be the main focus of most TV viewers, the mounting and security that Peerless offers means users can feel safe that their television is secure and protected without worrying about it falling or having something worse happen.